First Post. My best deck.

This is the post excerpt.


Eldrazi Reanimator

It’s a pauper deck and boy do I love the card Exhume. It’s a shame Wizards are not printing any more reanimation cards like this. Reanimator decks will never be too overpowered because they have to deal with variance. My nemesis deck: green stompy barely has any bad starting hands and always wins around turn 5. This deck is a loose cannon: sometimes it brings crusher turn one, sometimes it can’t do anything for 7 turns. You can’t even be sure about your starting hand as your fishing with contingency plan is just as important and you just don’t know. BTW what makes this deck special and mine is 8 Contingency Plan/Taigam’s Scheming – yeah you loose cards playing those but your draws really count and if you wiff with a plan you have a good chance to repeat the process next turn. I’m never bored with this deck.



Peasant Dirty Kitty


It has been recently spoiled that modern format will have Skirk Prospector, a goblin that lets you sacrifice goblins for mana. Mix it with already legal Fecundity and you can storm your gobbos into huge Empty the Warrens into huge overkill. I don’t get why it is called Dirty Kitty. I would call it Goblin Snowball because this is how it plays: as a snowball that we try to turn into avalanche. We keep it rolling with rituals to get mana, Fecundity is our slope (to get cards) and goblins is our ammo (or snow).

So the essentials for modern are here  and people on Reddit have been discussing the possibility of Modern Dirty Kitty. I tried it against my trusty punching bag – green stompy and was not satisfied with the results. It seems that rituals available in modern are too weak. Here is what we have:

This is what we want:

The difference is huge, believe me. Also we could use Goblin Matron to fetch us the goblin we need. She is not in modern.

I really wanted a goblin deck for modern. Goblins deserve to be there with elves and merfolk. Also I wanted to play with some of these fun cards. Now I’m skeptical of Modern Dirty Kitty but I’ve noticed that almost everything in such deck is available at common, including those better rituals and Goblin Matron. My hopes for Pauper Dirty Kitty were dashed when I realized that Fecundity is an uncommon and there is no common substitute (at least I think so after some searching).

Now, Peasant is a format where only commons + up to 5 uncommons are allowed. This is how I’m brewing my kitty. My 5 uncommons are Fecundity (obviously) and one special, old, kind of broken, gobbo fellow: Goblin Recruiter.


There is special a place for the sixth edition in my heart. This is when I got hooked on MtG. Anyways, I’m testing this goblin and he can do some amazing things like stack me 4 Prospectors to outnumber enemy bolts or stack me some war marshals when I have prospector and fecundity or stack me some bushwhackers for the kill. Matron can fetch him if needed. Goblins are a fun tribe and we have some of the most fun ones:

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Unfortunately we miss some uncommons and rares we would have in modern. We miss Goblin Piledriver that could turn our combo deck into combo-aggro deck and lords such as Goblin Chieftain and Goblin Warchief. Well, Goblin Bushwhacker does good enough lord impression but I’d love to smash someone’s face with a Piledriver.


The deck costs about 40$ in paper or 75$ with a playset of manamorphoses. The manamorphoses are not essential but boy, do I love this card and always try to cram it into decks. Here it works in many wonderful ways:

1) It increases storm count by one.

2) It cantrips bringing me closer to the best cards in the deck.

3) It gives me extra access to green mana for my first or subsequent Fecundities.

I’ve been told by naysayers that deck thinners such as manamorphose mess with your mulligans but I suspect that they just don’t like to cantrip. I for one love to cantrip and just 4 deck thinners won’t hurt given all the other things manamorphose does. It just sucks that the playset is worth half of the deck but I won’t be building this deck as I suspect that a storm deck with lots of tokens will be a chore to play without computer counting everything. It does win a lot in Forge so far, I can give you that.

Wizards, please make Fecundity common or better yet print something similar but red and common. Goblins deserve it.



Unclean Sabretooth

Ants and Anteaters

So my girlfriend broke my game and she is barely even a gamer while I roll dice and move coins with myself all night like some kind of cleromancer. I like my game too much and I can only play fair. My girlfriend broke my game with awful parasitic strategy. I was playing fair: gathering resources and profiting of it (ant). My gf figured out: screw that let’s just do whatever else there is to do and come for the resources (anteater). And from that moment I was unable to win a single game with my fair and balanced strategy. I’m now fixing it. I need clever testers that will try to brake my game.  What was I thinking with some of the actions?

I  now have an expansion which will probably be called Lion’s Guard. It adds a cleric looking for a unique shield. It adds wounds to the game and the game is way better with it. I could put it in the basic game but basic game already has 18 dice sides to memorize minimum if you want to play the game comfortably without looking in the manual every roll. This memorizing thing is the biggest flaw of the game. Otherwise it is the best dice game I played.

I want to say it is not about the money and I’m far from professional. I’d rather polish this game for 10 years than publish it imperfect. Also I’m terrible at maths and don’t have many testers so…

Back to the drawing board

Prototype of my game just returned from testers. They liked it but there is a flaw. I wanted my game to be free from dominating strategies and especially free from something as simple as “pick 3 different dice every time ftw”. You see there are those small actions that you can play as many as you roll, they are good and when you pick 3 different dice there is no cash penalty for playing them. Apparently in the most situations it is best to pick three different dice. I played 10 times last night against opponent (me) who was using this simple strategy and I’ve lost 6/10 times. I think it is awesome that “always 3 different” (a3d for short) is a valid strategy because it is good for new players and for playing solo but I want there to be more incentive for picking other combinations.

How to fix this? This is the same situation that MTG designers sometimes face where they have a cool effect but 1 mana would be overpowered and 2 mana would be too weak. I will try to make those “sacrifice” (penalty) effects big actions instead of small. If this doesn’t help I will consider getting rid of “sacrifices” (penalties) altogether. That will require redesigning some effects but it would simplify the game.


Sometime ago my brother went for such a huge overkill in Forge with his green Vigor deck that the game crashed. I wanted to show him even bigger overkill:overkill.png

Here is me playing against top modern deck called Death’s Shadow. I got it by the balls. Without lands opponent can’t do nothing. Even if he draws a land, I can immediately get rid of it by using Ghost Quarter. I can play up to 4 lands from graveyard or hand per turn: I have Windswept Heath, Horizon Canopy, Ghost Quarter. Sacrificing them also gives me extra cards from Gitrog Monster. But the most important thing is I have Archangel of Thune + Spike feeder Combo online meaning my life total and the size of my creatures can be anything I want.

This deck belongs to a creature toolbox family of decks. It has plenty of 3 mana creatures and so it makes good use of 4x Birds of Paradise and 4x Noble Hierarch. For creature fetching purposes we have:

Fauna Shaman or Survival-of-the-Fittest-on-a-bear needs no explanation, especially since the deck doesn’t have anything else in 2 cmc slot. Eldritch Evolution is a risky card. People usually play Chord of Calling instead. The problem is that opponent can kill two cards of yours with one removal or countermagic. The deck is optimised for Evolution though: turn 2 you can turn your dork into 1 of the crucial 3 cmc creatures or a silver bullet game two. Later you can complete the combo or fetch the day saving frog.

I called the deck “Carebears” because I initially wanted to make a Hate Bears Deck- deck that has small to medium creatures that hate on the things opponent do. Eventually I decided I don’t want to hate. I want to care- have creatures that give me various synergistic boosts. Those boosts usually have something to do with playing and sacrificing lands, especially lands such as.:

The main combo here is:

Those two on board and these lands allow me to destroy up to 3 opponent’s lands (well not completely but most decks play few basics) or get up to 3 untapped forests/plains/shock lands or draw up to 3 cards or some combination of those effects. The supporting cast:

Courser of Kruphix is a nice blocker that has two great abilities: Lands that cost you life now pay for themselves. With the amount of lands you play the life gain can be significant. You can play the top card of your library if it is a land. Otherwise you can grab it with Horizon Canopy or if you don’t like it you can shuffle it away with many effects. Either way Courser is a great card advantage.

As you fill your yard with lands, Knight of the Reliquary becomes a huge beater that can also fetch you a land you need and/or shuffle library.

Finally a single legendary frog that is a reason we splash black (with 1 Overgrown Catacomb and 4 Birds of Paradise). Why? The frog’s abilities are pretty good on their own and glorious when you have Ramunap Excavator and lands that like to be sacrificed. But the Gitrog Monster is not here only for the abilities: often time this sexy 6/6 deathtouch body will save the day.

So what do you do? You don’t attack. You play blockers and remove troublesome creatures with Path to Exile and Fairgrounds Warden. You can get what you need not only from library but also from graveyard thanks to Eternal Witness.

You will either go for choke (disrupt opponent’s land base until he can’t do a thing) or you will go for the combo:

…Or you can just build advantage and smash face with Knights of the Reliquary and whatnot. Isn’t it nice to have options?

I play with myself but I kind of like to think some good, knowledgeable pilot could build this deck and have good results in a tournament. There is a nice element of surprise in the sideboard: you could pack it with 3 cmc silver bullets that you can threaten your opponent as early as turn 2. For example for Death’s Shadow you can take 1x Magus of the Moon and for Blue Moon 1x Gaddock Teeg. If you don’t expect sweepers or enchantment removal/bounce, it could be neat idea to have an option to remove most of the Spike Angel combo and put in 4x Worship game two.

P.S.: This thing about absinthe was to prove someone that not every web page is a reputable source on absinthe as anyone can write stuff on the internet.

Gold Fang’s Promo

This is what I’ll be sending to publishers soon in the hopes that they will take not only mechanic but the whole game as I imagine it. Nothing unreal in this. All the components can be found on Alibaba and cheap. Why there is a second rogue over “Cavern Crawl”? Because this is a placeholder and I’ll be getting another graphic from Farid. Some may say that investing in a graphic for a prototype is foolish. It probably is but there is nothing else I want for Christmas.poker-card